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A bouquet of a thousand golden flowers, the sublime Mimosa intertwines with the curves of the irresistible cedar bark, releasing a fresh and elegant fragrance.
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Top note : Bergamot
Heart note: Mimosa absolute
Base note : Cedar


a stopover in Provence
The sun will always shine in the land of mimosa. How beautiful are these flowers with golden buttons that light up the sky in the pallor of winter, and make it float like the air of spring. May the sweet aromas of this lemon pompom with melon and cucumber scents transport us to delicious memories. May a thousand bouquets bloom with their perfume of honey and almond essences.

Now its gold powder caresses and warms sleeping nature. Insolent with beauty, mimosa covers frosted nature with pollen like a real treat for sunny days… an explosion of floral, subtle and mysterious scents that intoxicate and charm us. Let us salute these powdery scents and these suave notes which pluck us by the nose.

Let's embark on a journey of the senses in the land of Provence to meet this flower with a sweet name, which hums in our ears, like a sea breeze or a bee whisper.
“Cedarwood responds to the sublimated breath of powdery Mimosa with its radiance and majesty”
Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers in the world, Director of Olfactory Creation at the Couvent.

Acacia dealbata

Small yellow pom poms, called mimosa, come from a tree that can grow up to 20 meters in height. The absolute of the mimosa flower is obtained by extraction with volatile solvents from its small branches. Its comforting and sensual scent combines both enveloping, floral and powdery active notes, which one could liken to honey.


Mentioned in the oldest writings of the world, it is equivalent to the Western Oak for the Indians of the Americas. Its wood chips are distilled to provide an essential oil. Slightly rough and dry, its characteristic scent of pencils gives a remarkable poise to olfactory compositions.
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